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How To Stop Drinking Alcohol – Top Supplements and Products To Quit Liquor

If you want to stop drinking alcohol, several natural products can help make the process easier for you. The good news is some of them will even provide a similar buzz to alcohol without all the side effects. Let’s look at each to decide which is best for you. Remember first to discuss taking supplements or natural products with your healthcare provider.

So, what are the Top Supplements and Products To Quit Liquor? Let’s find out.

 Top Three Supplements To Stop Drinking Alcohol (no Buzz)

  1. Kudzu root

A traditional Chinese herb, Kudzu root (Pueraria lobata), has been gaining popularity recently due to its potential to help individuals stop drinking alcohol. The active ingredient in kudzu root, called puerarin, has been found to reduce alcohol consumption by decreasing the desire for alcohol and lessening withdrawal symptoms and is number one to consider to stop drinking alcohol.

2. Milk thistle

One of its most well-known benefits is its ability to support liver health and function. The active ingredient in milk thistle, silymarin, is believed to help protect the liver from damage caused by toxins such as alcohol. For those looking to stop drinking alcohol or reduce their intake, incorporating milk thistle into their daily routine may be beneficial in supporting liver detoxification and promoting overall liver health, and this is our second pick to stop drinking alcohol.

2. Dandelion root

This powerful herb is known for stimulating bile production and improving liver function, which can aid in flushing out toxins from the body more efficiently. Additionally, dandelion root has diuretic properties that can help reduce water retention and bloating commonly associated with excessive alcohol consumption.

thc infused seltzer

Top Three Products To Stop Drinking Alcohol (with Buzz)

  1. Cycling Frog THC Infused Seltzer

Cycling Frog THC Infused Seltzer is a ready-to-drink cannabis-infused beverage that provides the feeling of being high while quenching your thirst. However, THC Seltzers are often seen as a recreational drink similar to hard seltzers.

THC Seltzers will get your buzz on without all the next-day alcohol feelings. Each can of our refreshing seltzer is infused with high-quality THC for a smooth and enjoyable buzz. Whether you’re looking to relax after a long day or enhance your social gatherings, Cycling Frog THC Infused Seltzer may be what you need to Stop Drinking Alcohol.

2. Mitra9 Kava Infused Seltzer

Mitra9 reimagines the traditional kava drink, known for its bitterness and made from kava roots, by enhancing its taste and convenience. We aim to retain the beneficial qualities of kava while eliminating its bitter taste and boosting its portability. We have skillfully developed kava seltzers and RelaxPaks, allowing you to enjoy kava’s flavorsome and convenient benefits anytime, anywhere.

3. Kalm with Kava

Experience the calming effects of Kalm with Kava’s Medium Grind Kava Root. Sourced from the finest kava roots, this 1oz package offers a convenient and effective way to relax and unwind after a long day. Whether you want to reduce stress, improve focus, or enjoy downtime, Kalm with Kava has covered you. It is an excellent choice to stop drinking alcohol.


Let’s wrap it up

These are the top products and supplements to use for quitting liquor. All have emerging science to indicate their helpfulness when you’re ready to stop drinking alcohol.

Abstaining from drinking will provide physical benefits, but you may also notice improvements in your overall well-being.

With THC-infused Seltzers, you can keep your calming buzz without all the negative consequences of using fermented grain alcohol drinks.

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