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Dry Herb/Wax Products

We carry all the leading brands for Herb/Wax: Cloupor, G5, iThor, Lookah, Seahorse, Pulsar, Space King and Yocan. If you need it, we got it!

If you’re a newbie, start right here. We sell only the top brands to make your vaping experience the best it can be. If you’re an old-school dabber and wax’er, we got you covered with all the popular products you want.

Select from:

Replacement coils, Quartz coils, atomizers and vaporizers, as well as cartridges and Dab Pens. We also have Dab kits and Wax kits. Wax Vaporizers are also an option at our shop, as well as e-Nails and Nectar Collector Kits.

This is the place to start if you are in to to the wax scene. The question is, which one is right for you? The answer to that depends on what you want out of your concentrate vaporizing experience. Wherever your need we have the top brands and the right products for you.

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