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  • Delta 8 Chocolates | Moonrock Candy Co.


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    Buy Moonrock Chocolates Delta-8 Chocolates directly from the manufacturer and save!







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  • Diamond Shruumz Extreme Gummies | 5000mg

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    Diamond Shruumz Extreme Gummies

    Get ready to embark on a sweet journey of abundant bliss with our extraordinary Diamond Shruumz Extreme Gummies! Packed with an incredible 5000mg of tantalizing flavors, this delectable treat will have your taste buds dancing in sheer ecstasy.


    These aren’t just your ordinary gummies – they’re the superheroes of the candy world! With each bite, you’ll feel a burst of energy surging through every fiber of your being. Whether you need a quick pick-me-up during those sluggish afternoons or want to unleash your inner party animal for a wild night out, these gummies are here to grant your wishes!

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  • Fuego Delta 8 Gummies Assorted Flavors 1000mg or 1500mg

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    Fuego Delta 8 Gummies Assorted Flavors 1000mg or 1500mg

    Our delicious gummies are made with King Louis XIII, an indica marijuana strain that’s known for its solid and sedative effects. Each bag contains assorted flavors. Select 1000mg or 1500mg to provide you with a personalized experience.


    These gummies allow you to relax and unwind after a long work day or enjoy an afternoon pick-me-up. Get your Fuego D8 Gummies today and start feeling the benefits! Available in 1000mg and 1500mg assortments, you can choose how strong you want your experience to be.

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  • Hemp Lively Delta 8 Gummies


    Delta 8 Gummies by Hemp Lively

    Delta 8 Gummies by Hemp Lively comes in a 4ct bag, 15ct bottle, or 30ct bottle. 25mg of pure Delta 8. Legal and 3rd party tested


    Now you can have all the benefits of natural hemp in great-tasting gummies.



    Hemp Lively Delta 8 Gummies

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  • Hixotic Magic Mushies Chocolate Bar-12 Pieces – 300mg

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    Hixotic Magic Mushies

    Treat yourself to a magical mushroom experience with Hixotic Magic Mushies! Our delicious Magic Mushies cookies-n-cream, Magic Mushies salted pretzel, and Magic Mushies cinnamon toast crunch flavors will take your taste buds on a wild ride.


    Each flavor has the perfect Nootropic Blend of creamy chocolatey goodness that you won’t be able to resist. Try them all today, and get ready for an unforgettable snack experience! These decadent chocolate treats will take your snack game to a whole new level!

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  • Salt Water Trippy Gummies – D8|D9|THC-P

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    Salt Water Trippy Gummies

    Get ready to experience a psychedelic paradise with our sensational Salt Water Trippy Gummies! These mind-blowing groovy gummies will take your taste buds on a trippy journey while adhering to the highest legal standards. Infused with D8, D9, and THC-P.


    salt water trippy gummies girl

    What truly sets these gummies apart is that they are infused with D8, D9, and THC-P for a trippy twist unlike anything you’ve experienced before. Brace yourself for an intense sensory adventure as these gummies unleash their flavorful magic.


    Salt Water Trippy Gummies features two enchanting flavors that will transport your taste buds to another dimension. Choose between Strawberry Lemonade or Blueberry Cotton Candy.

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  • Sweet 8 Delta 8 Gummies


    Buy Delta 8 Gummies and SAVE!

    Want Delta 9 THC Gummies instead?

    Sweet 8 Delta 8 Gummies come in Blue Raspberry, Strawberry, Tropical Punch, or Tangerine flavors. Sweet 8 is by far the best Delta 8 gummies on the market. People here on the beaches in Florida Love them! Buy Delta 8 gummies in the 4-count size, 15-count size, or 30-count size. You can get all the benefits of Delta 8 gummies at an affordable price!


    Sweet 8 Delta 8 Gummies are well known by now. Isn’t it time you try some? Buy some Delta 8 edibles in the trial-size, 4-count package, or save money when you buy the big 30-count size!

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    Sweet 8 Delta 8 Gummies

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