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  • 420 Rolling Tray – 8″x6″ – S30

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    420 Rolling Tray – 8″x6″

    The 420 Rolling Tray is the perfect accessory for your next party or get-together. It’s made of high-quality silicone and is able to fit most standard-size rolling papers.


    The tray is also heat resistant so you can throw it in the dishwasher and reuse it with any type of herb or tobacco product. The 420 Rolling Tray makes a great gift idea for smokers and non-smokers alike!

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  • Bambu Natural Rolling Papers

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    Bambu Natural Rolling Papers

    Experience the superior quality of King or 1.25 size Bambu’s Natural Rolling Papers, crafted with over 250 years of expertise! These 100% unbleached, chlorine-free papers are made with natural tree gum, making them an excellent choice for those who want a smooth and clean smoking experience.


    Make sure to try these top-notch rolling papers today and see what you’ve been missing! You can trust that Bambú’s rolling papers will always provide an exceptional smoking experience.

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  • Beretta Tobacco Tubes

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    Beretta Tobacco Tubes


    Beretta Tobacco Tubes

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  • Billionaire Hemp Wraps 2/Pk

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    Billionaire Hemp Wraps in the 2 pack

    Pick delicious flavors like Ballin Blueberry, Majestic Grape, Milli Mango, and Pink Lemonade for an amazing taste. Whether you’re looking for a change of pace or want to spice up your regular routine, these wraps will satisfy your cravings. Treat yourself today with Billionaire’s Hemp Wraps!


    Enjoy a smooth hit with the perfect balance of flavor in each wrap – no harsh aftertaste or artificial ingredients. Get ready to indulge in an unforgettable smoking experience with Billionaire’s Hemp Wraps!


    Each pouch contains two incredibly fresh hemp wraps that will roll flawlessly with your legal choice of herbs.


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  • Cartoon Character 420 Rolling Tray – TK300G

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    Cartoon Character 420 Rolling Tray – TK300G

    Are You Looking for a Rolling Tray that’s both fun and practical? Look no further than our Cartoon Character 420 Rolling Tray TK300! With enough room to hold up to 300 grams of dry herb, it’s perfect for organizing your stash. And with six different cartoon character styles to choose from – including Bob Marley, Rick and Morty Floating, Backwoods Simpsons, Rick, and Morty Sunset, Rick and Morty Dragging, and Weed Leaf – you’re sure to find one that fits your personality perfectly.


    If you want a rolling tray that’s both functional and fun, look no further than our Character 420 Rolling Tray TK300. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to keep their herbs organized while expressing their unique style!

    400 Gram size here.

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  • Cartoon Character 420 Rolling Tray – TK400G

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    Cartoon Character 420 Rolling Tray – TK400G

    Are you looking for a 420 rolling tray that’s both fun and functional? Look no further than our Cartoon Character 420 Rolling Tray! With five unique designs to choose from, including Rick and Morty’s “Running Scared,” Illuminati, Sunglass Suits, Naked Girl, and Eating with Boy, this tray adds some personality to your smoking routine.


    It looks great, but this high-quality rolling tray can hold up to 400 grams of dry herb. Plus, its durable materials ensure long-lasting use while making cleanup a breeze. And the best part? It’s dishwasher-safe! Say goodbye to lost lighters or scattered papers – keep your 420 organized with our Character 420 Rolling Tray. Order yours today! Keep your stash organized like a pro while adding some personality to your smoke sesh – never lose anything again.


    300 Gram Size Here.


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  • Cigarette Roller Machine – Hand Crank – TK1

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    Cigarette Roller Machine – Hand Crank – TK1

    The Cigarette Roller Machine is a manual hand roller cigarette machine suitable for all smokers. It can help save a lot of money. Recently, this cigarette mechanism has been better than retailers because there are no additional chemicals and less tar.

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  • Colorful Folding Silicone Smoking Tray – S34

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    Colorful Folding Silicone Smoking Tray – S34

    Colorful Folding Silicone Smoking Tray folds down for easy storage. This a must-have item for keeping your area clean and organized and your stash out of sight!


    In addition to rolling excellent herbs, Use it to cut Cigars or clean your Coils, Bowls, Pipes, and more.


    100% food-grade silicone. Won’t burn, stain or melt—dishwasher safe.

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  • Cyclones Cones – Blakk Widow Pre-Rolled Cones

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    Cyclones Cones – Blakk Widow Pre-Rolled Cones

    Take your smoking experience to the next level with Cyclones Cones Blakk Widow Pre-Rolled Cones. These cones are made from high-quality materials and are pre-rolled for easy filling. Their unique shape ensures an even burn, giving you a smooth and enjoyable smoke every time.


    Plus, they come in a delicious blakk widow flavor that will tantalize your taste buds! Enjoy the convenience of pre-rolled cones with the great taste of widow. Get your hands on these amazing Cyclones Cones Blakk Widow Pre-Rolled Paper Cones now!

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  • Cyclones Hemp Wrap/Cones 2/Pk

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    Cyclones Hemp Wrap/Cones 2/Pk

    The Cyclones Wrap makes it easy to have a smooth-tasting smoke in just seconds! These are perfect for any smoker who wants to enjoy the benefits of medical marijuana but doesn’t want to roll up their joints or blunt anymore!


    Blueberry | Grape | Strawberry | Sugarcane

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  • Good Times Flat Wraps 2pk

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    Good Times Flat Wraps 2pk

    Good Times Flat Wraps 2pk. Good Times is known for their delicious machine-made cigarillos and perfectly tipped cigars. If you enjoy a flavorful cigar check out these great tasting mouth watering flavors


    Blueberry | Fruit Punch | Mango-Licious | Napa Grape | Natural | Passion | Peach | Sour Apple | Watermelon | Green | Chocolate | White Grape | Cherry | Strawberry Kiwi

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Rolling Products for tobacco and dry herb goods.

If you like to rolling your own cigarettes or hemp products we have the best brands around. RYO is a healthier way to smoke and that’s why so many people come to us for their tobacco rolling needs.

Select from rolling papers, blunt wraps, rolling trays, cases and more. We carry all major brands such as RAW Rolling Papers, RAW Cones, Rolling Machines, Grabba, Juicy, King Palm, Lit Hemp Wraps, and Good Times. Best price on the Internet! Best Head Shop Around.

Tobacco Rolling ProductsCigarette Rolling Papers and Tobacco Tubes come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and flavors. Flavored rolling papers are used primarily for aesthetic purposes and are not designed to be inhaled; however, many users do choose to inhale or ‘hold’ the flavor in their mouth while they smoke a cannabis cigarette.


RollYourOwn Tobacco Products and Save

We all want to save money these days and our rolling paper and other smoke shop products can help you do just that! Check out the brands we carry:


Zig Zag papers and Tar Bar filters. RAW Natural and Classic Rolling Papers and Wicks. GRABBA, LIT, Skunk, Rizla, Juicy Jay’s and King Palm. We also have Gambler Tobacco Tubes, and Baretta Tubes. Check out the famous White Owl products.

Our RAW rolling papers are the most popular brand at best prices.

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