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Over-rule the Federal decision to push a PMTA submission for the E-Cigarette community

The e-cigarette community has thrived off of doing good in health for the community. It has now developed itself to uphold the value of life for many people across the globe.

Upon the review of the dangers and side affects of utilizing what is referred to as e-cigarettes, it appears that there few dangers which may follow the effects of use. However the underlying issue is that they appear to be used by persons of a young age in school. These products are commonly found to be small systems such as Juul (leading discovery) which are purchasable through a 7Eleven and gas station.

Demand the FDA commissioner to reform the PMTA

The PMTA or pre-market tobacco application to keep it short is a application that has to be approved by the FDA to insure that a product meets the safety standards and requirements that the FDA has set in the guidelines here are just some that needs to be included in the application… ( Ejuice flavors any and all, tanks/pods that includes airflow, type of cotton, type of coil, design, drip tip, how it opens, all the performance features. The list goes on and on!

Now this costs money and A LOT of it anywhere from $100,000 – $1,000,000+. The FDA knows that the small vape companies don’t have that type of money. Even the biggest companies don’t have that money.

The FDA has stated in the past that the PMTA process has a 99% fail rate for vape companies.

The PMTA is completely biased. It is designed to protect the big tobacco companies and destroy the vape industry along with hundreds of thousands of jobs, the health of the american people who are looking to quit smoking in the future, the economy and the american dream to own your own business.

“Vaping IS 95% safer than smoking cigarettes!”- Royal College Of Physicians London

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