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Skunk Brand Rolling Papers – 1 1/4


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Skunk Brand Rolling Papers – 1 1/4

Our Skunk Brand Rolling Papers are slow-burning papers made from 100% natural gum, plant-based acacia gum. This gum is all natural and vegan-friendly. It’s also thin leaves, so you can see your smoke as it rolls up the paper.


We’ve been making high-quality rolling papers for over 20 years, and we’re still going strong!

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Skunk Brand Rolling Papers – 1 1/4

The Skunk Brand rolling papers are made in Alcoy, Spain, the birthplace of rolling paper. The first rolling paper was produced here in 1801 by a man named Segarra and this is where we still make our papers today.

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All our papers are made from 100% natural gum from Acacia trees and are biodegradable and vegan-friendly.

We have various styles of rolling paper, including Original, Skunk & Burner. Our skinny little brother is called Burner because it burns as long as you need but still gives you that slow burn even when you’re trying to finish your joint or blunt quickly!

Our Original products are made with thicker leaves, so they’ll last longer than most other brands, but they also burn more slowly, so they’re perfect for joints and blunts that need some time to enjoy!


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We’re all about the tropics here at Skunk, so we decided to make a tropical-flavored rolling paper.

Our Hawaiian papers are made from 100% natural hemp and have a slow and even burn. These papers come in 1¼ size, the most popular for rolling marijuana. There’s also a criss-cross watermark for easy lighting.

The tropical scent of these papers will remind you of a sunny beach on an island in the Pacific Ocean. They’re perfect for when you want to roll a joint that tastes like a vacation!


The original natural flavor made with 100% natural hemp makes them suitable for people who want something that isn’t chemically treated or processed. Herbal smokers often prefer this type of paper because it is more natural than regular tobacco.

skunk brand rolling papers

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